"A classic children's story retold for our times."

"A heartfelt eulogy and a musical inspiration."


Kathleen Blasi mines stories of everyday heroes. Active in the children’s writing community, she is former Co-Director of the
Rochester Children’s Book Festival, for which she received a 2015 New York State Reading Association Literacy Advocate Award.
Kathleen lives with her family in Upstate New York, where, along with honing her craft, she enjoys fostering curiosity in young storytellers.

Rain or shine and with his saxophone case in hand, Hosea rides the bus to the City of Rochester Public Market. Joyfully, he plays for everyone there, but especially for the children. Today, will he earn enough money to surprise one special child?

An Author’s Note gives a deeper glimpse into the life of Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr. – a street musician and community advocate who elevated the lives of those in his community, “simply” by being himself.

Milo's Moonlight Mission

Captain Milo is ready for takeoff! If only he didn’t have to wait for his Second-in-Command—or as he also calls her, Mom—to report for duty. Yet Mom’s list of daily tasks grows ever longer, and she can’t launch until they’re done. When the weather forecast predicts a middle-of-the-night meteor storm, will she have enough time to accomplish this magical meteor mission with him?


Our Writer-in-Residence, Kathleen Blasi, delivered material to our students in a way that got them excited to write! She broke down her writing process, so that by the end, the students had a piece of writing to be proud of. I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen as a presenter, an example, and a teacher.

– Stephen Baker, Teacher, Warsaw (New York) Elementary School

Upcoming Events

Beginners' Book Club - May 24, 2023, 4:30PM

As if this amazing bike rack, in honor of HOSEA PLAYS ON, is not enough, the Henrietta Public Library is hosting a beginners’ book club – featuring the book. Kathleen will talk about the origins and writing of the book, conduct a reading, and facilitate a fun activity! Registration is required.

Writing Workshops - May/June 2023

Kathleen is excited to return to Warsaw Elementary School, to conduct 5 weekly sessions of writing workshops with 3rd graders. This year’s focus in on writing personal narratives. After all, everyone has a story to tell, right?!

World Read Aloud Day - February 1, 2023

LitWorld’s mission is “to strenthen kids and communities through the power of stories.” 

Kathleen is excited to again participate in World Read Aloud Day and share her love of story and storytelling.

To reserve a time slot, please visit Kate Messner’s website for more information. Special thanks to Kate, a steadfast advocate in the KidLit world!

Oriskany Elementary School - March 3, 2023

It will be an honor for Kathleen to visit the PK-6 grade students, as part of the District’s PARP program. This year’s them is Social/Emotional Learning, and her presentations will be centered on HOSEA PLAYS ON and the true-life street musician’s legacy of kindness and impact.

Monroe Community College - November 5, 2022, 10AM-4PM

Kathleen is so excited that the Rochester Children’s Book Festival – now 25 years old – is back and in-person! Thank you to all sponsors and participating authors and illustrators. But especially to the organizers who log countless hours bringing this free celebration of literacy and literature to our community.

Writerly Ramblings

Connecting with Readers is Magic!

Connecting with Readers is Magic!

The stories I’ve enjoyed all my life are those to which I feel a strong connection. I don’t know a reader who doesn’t feel this way. But it wasn’t until I became a writer that I fully appreciated that sentiment. Before, I would say whether I liked a book. It was a...

A Special Teacher’s Legacy

A Special Teacher’s Legacy

In early 2016, a teacher emailed me, looking for someone to conduct a week-long writing workshop for the all the third-graders in his school. We set up a phone interview, had a fruitful conversation, and before I knew it, Mr. Baker was referring to when my visits...

Book Love

Book Love

You know that saying – you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone? In this case, it’s not really gone – just on hiatus. Hugs. From kids (who are not my own). The first time it happened at a school visit, I was surprised. I figured after an author does a...

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