About Kathleen

Life as a Writer



When it comes to story ideas, Kathleen says, “Curiosity is crucial. As long as I wonder about things and try to puzzle them out, I have more story ideas than I’ll ever be able to write. An image in the news or something I see as I’m driving along will spark questions in my mind–such as, ‘Who is that person? What is his/her situation? Why?’ A seemingly ordinary event or situation, coupled with a little imagination, can become a story.” Shown above:: some real-life people who have served as Kathleen’s imagination-inspiration.

Family Life




Kathleen grew up in Rochester, New York, the sixth of seven children–and the only girl. Some might shudder at the thought of having six brothers, but she admits it wasn’t so bad, especially because it has given her plenty of writing material. Her brothers challenged her and taugh, most of which her parents remain unaware.

Hers was a childhood of big-family shenanigans, hard-working school days, and summers graced with playing outside until her parents called through the dusk for the kids to come in for the night.

Today, Kathleen’s “new” family inspires her every day. From the time they were babies, she has kept a journal for each of her daughters. Those precious memories often come in handy when she’s developing a character. Her family often reads early drafts of her stories, providing helpful feedback. After all, there’s always room for improvement!