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“There is a lot to unpack in this book…both a heartfelt eulogy and a musical inspiration for a whole new generation of young readers.” – Kirkus

“Hosea does more than just entertain; he makes his own community as he shares his music and his warmth.” – Publishers Weekly

Coming January 7, 2020
Sterling Children’s Books

Kathleen Blasi mines stories of everyday heroes. Active in the children’s writing community, she is former Co-Director of the Rochester Children’s Book Festival, for which she received a 2015 New York State Reading Association Literacy Advocate Award. Kathleen lives with her family in Upstate New York, where, along with honing her craft, she enjoys fostering curiosity in young storytellers.

Rain or shine and with his saxophone case in hand, Hosea rides the bus to the City of Rochester Public Market. Joyfully, he plays for everyone there, but especially for the children. Today, will he earn enough money to surprise one special child?

Meet Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr., whose kindness and passion for music touched the lives of countless people in his community and whose generosity and joy will continue to inspire countless others.

Family History is Part of Who We Are

Based on a true story. Gaetana Curatolo takes on a mental journey back to 1912, when as an 8-year-old-girl living in an Italian village, she attempts to dodge her cursed name, while honoring tradition.

A Name of Honor is an outstanding book to use for effective and meaningful integration of social studies and language arts. It draws students in with well-developed and believable characters and an engaging plot that is rich in historic information. It not only complements, but extends and enriches, social studies curriculum.”

Dan Osborn

Elementary School Teacher/University Adjunct

Which Side Will You Take?

Full of fun facts and anecdotal stories to illustrate them, this persuasive text model is really two books in one. Arguments supporting “yes” are countered with an equal number of “no!” arguments.

Our Writer-in-Residence, Kathleen Blasi, delivered material to our students in a way that got them excited to write! She broke down her writing process, so that by the end, the students had a piece of writing to be proud of. I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen as a presenter, an example, and a teacher.

– Stephen Baker, Teacher, Warsaw (New York) Elementary School

Upcoming Events

January 11, 2020                9AM-12PM

Rochester Public Market • 280 N. Union St.

Please join Kathleen in celebrating the publication of Hosea Plays On, with a book launch party/open house/book signing – in the very place where Hosea Taylor shared his kindness and music! Pre-ordering is available through Lift Bridge Book Shop, and they will bring orders to the event, for signing.

January 16, 2020                         6-6:45PM

Victor/Farmington (NY) Library • 15 W. Main St.

Spinning True Tales of Everyday Heroes

Join Kathleen at her hometown library for a reading of
Hosea Plays On, followed by a discussion. For bookworms of all ages! Registration is recommended.

Writerly Ramblings

Gratitude & Empowerment

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Connection. It's the thing that draws me to a particular story. It has to be there, in order for me to spend the time with an idea required to develop it into a story. I have to care about what I'm writing about. One of the projects on which I'm working has introduced...

The Start of My Journey

My journey of seeing myself as a writer began when I was in 4th grade, thanks to an encouraging teacher. My journey as a professional writer began with this great lady—the last person on Earth who would ever think anyone would want to know her story. I called her...