"A classic children's story retold for our times."

"A heartfelt eulogy and a musical inspiration."


Kathleen Blasi mines stories of everyday heroes. Active in the children’s writing community, she is former Co-Director of the
Rochester Children’s Book Festival, for which she received a 2015 New York State Reading Association Literacy Advocate Award.
Kathleen lives with her family in Upstate New York, where, along with honing her craft, she enjoys fostering curiosity in young storytellers.

Rain or shine and with his saxophone case in hand, Hosea rides the bus to the City of Rochester Public Market. Joyfully, he plays for everyone there, but especially for the children. Today, will he earn enough money to surprise one special child?

An Author’s Note gives a deeper glimpse into the life of Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr. – a street musician and community advocate who elevated the lives of those in his community, “simply” by being himself.

Milo's Moonlight Mission

Captain Milo is ready for takeoff! If only he didn’t have to wait for his Second-in-Command—or as he also calls her, Mom—to report for duty. Yet Mom’s list of daily tasks grows ever longer, and she can’t launch until they’re done. When the weather forecast predicts a middle-of-the-night meteor storm, will she have enough time to accomplish this magical meteor mission with him?

Family History is Part of Who We Are

Based on a true story. Gaetana Curatolo takes on a mental journey back to 1912, when as an 8-year-old-girl living in an Italian village, she attempts to dodge her cursed name, while honoring tradition.

A Name of Honor is an outstanding book to use for effective and meaningful integration of social studies and language arts. It draws students in with well-developed and believable characters and an engaging plot, rich in historic information. It complements, extends, and enriches, social studies curriculum.”

Dan Osborn

Elementary School Teacher/University Adjunct

Which Side Will You Take?

Full of fun facts and anecdotal stories to illustrate them, this persuasive text model is really two books in one. Arguments supporting “yes” are countered with an equal number of “no!” arguments.

Our Writer-in-Residence, Kathleen Blasi, delivered material to our students in a way that got them excited to write! She broke down her writing process, so that by the end, the students had a piece of writing to be proud of. I cannot say enough good things about Kathleen as a presenter, an example, and a teacher.

– Stephen Baker, Teacher, Warsaw (New York) Elementary School

Upcoming Events

World Read Aloud Day - February 2, 2022

Kathleen will join millions around the globe to celebrate reading aloud, as part of the 13th Annual World Read Aloud Day. Her visits, to date, include schools in Indiana, Texas, New Jersey, and Georgia. She still has a couple of spots left; complete the form on our Contacts Page, if interested.

Books Backstage, 25 Gibbs Street - December 9, 2021 7PM

Books Backstage celebrates the backstories of music. Join Kathleen for a moderated discussion, reading, Q&A, live music, and light refreshments! Admission is $8 (at the door); doors open at 6:30PM

Rochester Children's Book Festival/Kids' Books ROC - 11/6/21

For the first time, the RCBF is going virtual! Join Kathleen as she participates in a picture book panel and a read-aloud. For the full schedule of amazing presentations from more than 40 authors and illustrators, visit www.rcbfest.com

Writerly Ramblings

Book Love

Book Love

You know that saying – you don’t really know what you have until it’s gone? In this case, it’s not really gone – just on hiatus. Hugs. From kids (who are not my own). The first time it happened at a school visit, I was surprised. I figured after an author does a...

The Heart of a Story

The Heart of a Story

Pictures tell stories. Sometimes, those stories are placed in photo albums. Sometimes, they make their way into family lore. And once in a blue moon, they find their way into a picture book. Funny how the vision of a story begins, then evolves, and finally arrives at...

Literacy Gets Personal

Literacy Gets Personal

2020 was a year of twists and turns, ups and downs—pick your cliché! Recently, my dad suffered a stroke. He has a road ahead of him and takes it day by day. Some days are and will be better than others. But my family is blessed to still have him. And as I say, he is...

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