Milo's Moonlight Mission

A Magical Family Moment

The most spectacular night skies are revealed when we plan for the ideal moment–with loved ones by our sides. This heartwarming tale is perfect for space fans and young budding astronauts!

When the weather forecast predicts a middle-of-the-night meteor storm, Captain Milo wants desperately to witness it. But will his Second-in-Command have enough time to accomplish this important mission with him?

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Based on a True Story

Rain or shine and with his saxophone case in hand, Hosea rides the bus to the City of Rochester Public Market. Joyfully, he plays for everyone there, but especially for the children. Today, will he earn enough money to surprise one special child?

This heartwarming story depicts a day in the life of Hosea Missouri Taylor, Jr., whose passion for music touched the lives of countless people in his community of Rochester, New York, and whose generosity and joy will continue to inspire countless others everywhere.

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What’s in a name?

In Sicilian/Italian culture, names steeped in tradition are…everything. But what if someone thinks her name is cursed?

Join Gaetana Curatolo, as she takes a mental journey back to 1912, when as an 8-year-old girl, in a small Italian village, she dreams of moving to America, in order to fulfill her Papa’s dream. Travel back in time and witness Gaetana’s tumultuous coming of age as she tries to dodge bad luck and prepares for a new life. Based on a true story!

Will you take sides?

Part of Mondo Education’s FlipSides series, this book is really two-books-in-one, full of fun facts and anecdotal stories to illustrate them. While fascinating to kids, it also provides teachers with an effective persuasive writing model for the classroom.

Adults, including parents, teachers, and coaches, are driven to reflect on their own childhood experiences, as times change.